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BARTLET: It’s been 72 hours. That’s more than three days since they blew him out of the sky. And I’m tired of waiting dammit! This is candy ass! We are going to strike back today. What have we got?


FITZWALLACE: Three retaliatory strike scenarios. All three scenarios are comprehensive, meet the obligations of proportional response and pose minimal threat to U.S. personal and assets...    


BARTLET: What is the virtue of a proportional response?


LEO: It’s what we do, it’s what we’ve always done.


BARTLET: Well, if it’s what we do, if it’s what we’ve always done, don’t they know we’re going to do it? They did that, so we did this, it’s the cost of doing business, it’s been factored in, right? Am I right or am I missing something here?


FITZWALLACE: No sir, you’re right sir.


BARTLET: Then I ask again, what is the virtue of a proportional response?


FITZWALLACE: It isn’t virtuous Mr. President. It’s all there is sir.


BARTLET: It is not all there is.


FITZWALLACE: Pardon me Mr. President, just what else is there?


BARTLET: A disproportional response. Let the word ring forth from this time and this place, you kill an American, any American, we don’t come back with a proportional response, we come back with total disaster!


GENERAL: Are you suggesting we carpet-bomb Damascus?


BARTLET: General, I am suggesting that you and the rest of the national security put together a U.S. response scenario that doesn’t make me think we are just docking somebody’s damn allowance!


FITZWALLACE: This strike would be seen at home and abroad as a staggering overreaction by a first time Commander in Chief. That without the support of our allies, and without Congress, you’ll have doled out a five thousand dollar punishment for a fifty buck crime sir. Mr. President, the proportional response doesn’t empty the options box for the future, the way an all out assault--


BARTLET: Thank you. I honestly don’t know what the hell we’re doing here.




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